One Love Doll

One love
One heart
Let's get together and feel all right!

The lyrics from Bob Marley's beloved song are brought to life to tell the story of a community coming together to create a park and garden and transform a neighborhood. Adapted by Cedella Marley and beautifully illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, One Love joyfully tells the tale of what can happen when people join to make things better. Published by Chronicle Books.

Our beautiful doll is an excellent companion, a reminder of how fun and lively life can be with good friends.

surface wash only
safe for all ages, perfect for ages 2-8

9" One Love Doll, $16.00
#1672, ISBN: 1-57982-290-3
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9" One Love Doll with 32-page hardcover book, $32.99
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One Love doll and book from MerryMakers, from the book by Cedella Marley